s. bhongir. los angeles, california

"Working with Evelyn is refreshing. I sorted and discarded over ten bags of clothes, five boxes of books, lots of Komono [miscellaneous items] and stacks of papers. I not only reduced my clutter but I got to establish a new-found relationship with all my things (clothes, books, papers and Komono). 

The best part of the process was the last part. Evelyn helped me gracefully and elegantly hang and fold my new-found clothes, stack my favorite books, store my paper and Komono using the KonMari method. I feel like the owner of many fine and exquisite things. I highly recommend working with Neat if you are interested in living a life you love." 


t. tomei. portland, oregon

“I’m feeling so good and successful. It’s amazing to see what value I got from my time with Evelyn and Christine. These are lessons that are really life lessons. The tenets of the program are strong. The flow of my life has been greatly enhanced.

I’ve grown to love my space a lot more from going through this process. I’m happy staying home now. I wasn’t as comfortable in my space before. That’s something big that I’ve gotten from this program: being at peace with myself, my house, and where I’m at.  Spiritually-speaking, I’ve made space for new information and opportunities to land. I can work on business, a project, or just relax and read a book, strum a guitar, take care of my plants. 

I like the neat and clean side of my space now. That’s why I’ve been hesitant to clutter my space back up with things.  I’m going with the Zen approach for now. I’ve got enough going on."


a. powers. portland, oregon

“There has been a lot more clarity -inner clarity- because of my being able to release. The release of physical items, sentimental items, and things of former lovers, overall, the cleaning of that psychic space, has allowed for things to transmute and move more quickly in my life.

The KonMari Method was great, but it was really Evelyn, and her ability to stay on task and keep me focused, redirecting me back to the intention of the process, and holding space that I found most helpful. She has a gift for getting things done. She is a great guide and emotional support. I felt safe going through this process with her. I’m still sushi-folding my t-shirts!”


l. mosman. portland, oregon

“Before this process, I was caught up in my trauma and pain. Memories would come up every so often because of a lot of things I was keeping. Since going through papers and my old journals, I’m able to embrace and honor my emotions properly.

I’m not ruled by the storms anymore. This process has helped me come to myself and heal. I could feel the physical and emotional baggage lift gradually after every session. It was a very organic and rewarding process.

I am more productive now. Before I was blocking my own progress, and now I’ve learned that I can observe everything and control it. I decide where I want to go and point my course.”