We offer a variety of services to meet your unique needs.

Whether meeting in-person or virtually,we facilitate your personal and spatial transformation.



residential and storage units

Home is where the heart is...and your peace of mind! Our work celebrates homes and all they provide as nests for renewal, safety, intimacy, and connection.

Our services are beneficial for individuals ready to take their personal development to the next level. We help you translate your inner work to the external by focusing on your personal belongings and environment. 

The process we've designed is ideal if you are experiencing a life transition or are looking for a fresh start. Whether you are downsizing, starting a family, moving in with a partner, heading to college, changing your line of work, strengthening your A-game, or taking a new approach to life, there is much to let go of and far more to be gained.  

We walk you through the KonMari decluttering method, teaching you step by step the how-to's of decluttering and joy-seeking so you can establish joy inducing habits and make powerful, lasting change.




young adults and young people

Young people benefit immensely from learning how to tidy and identify their feeling of joy. Our process helps establish simple, clear routines and develops their ability to identify their joy early in life. 

Decluttering is particularly beneficial for young people experiencing environmental sensitivities and mild ADHD, as they learn the practice of maintaining a soothing, uncluttered space supporting their focus.

Lessons are kept short and incorporate play, imagination, mindfulness, and intention setting

For maximum benefit, we encourage families to undergo the process altogether. It is a healing and unifying experience for all involved, and ensures household systems are maintained by all. 

We work with individuals ages 3 and up. In addition to receiving parental consent, we ask that all young participants (under 18) verbally consent to working with us. We consider Young Adults individuals ages 12-17, and Young People individuals ages 3-11. 

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business, creative, and healing spaces

The spaces where we work, create, and heal require just as much TLC as our living spaces. We work with individuals and teams to set up spaces and systems that are efficient, effective, and maximize joy and productivity. We also work with residential work and creative spaces. 

educational workshops

We are available and excited to lead educational workshops for adults and young people on decluttering, minimalist living, re-use, recycling, and materials management. We tailor presentations to meet your audience needs and interests.




All projects require an initial consultation, where we visit your home or site in-person or virtually, via Skype. We conduct an intake questionnaire, and then create a work plan and an estimate for your particular project.

Sessions are scheduled to last 5 to 5.5 hours. In order to complete our specific lesson goals within the given timeframe, we ask all clients to prepare in advance. If assistance is necessary to set up your space prior to our arrival or you would like additional time with us to facilitate larger-volume projects, we are available to work with you at the rate for "Additional Time" listed below. 

Please review our Terms & Agreements for program expectations and payment information.


Complimentary 15-minute Phone Consultation

 Initial Consultation. Intake Questionnaire. Work Plan & Estimate . 3 hours. $300


The Home: Residential Projects


Virtual Projects

We offer virtual projects for long-distance clients or for those preferring meeting via Skype rather than in person. Materials Distribution & Donation is available for clients living in the Portland-Metro area. 


Storage Units, Garages, Attics, & Basements


The Office


Business & Creative Spaces

We collaborate with BPI of Business Performance Improvement 

BPI specializes in the Japanese 5S Organizing Methodology for business and creative spaces
(ideal for physical or electronic organizing)

Custom Pricing


Educational Workshops & Speaking Engagements

                   Topics: Recycling, Waste Management, Consumption, Minimalism, & Lifestyle Impacts on Human and Environmental Health                   

$100 per hour . Special rates available for educational institutions