Why get Neat?

Dear Reader,


Thank you for being here - visiting our website and reading our very first blog entry.  If you are a friend, a member of our community, or a passer-by on the world wide web intrigued by what we are sharing with the world, you have likely come to the realization out of your accord that times are changing…quickly.


You may wonder what decluttering has to do with our current state of societal affairs? More than we may realize.


Our lifestyles and larger systems have not yielded all that we believed they would or could. Depression is real for many, as is scarcity – the deeply rooted belief there is not enough to go around, and worse, that we are not enough.  Confusion abounds as does stress, overwhelm, and weight – in the literal and metaphorical sense.


We feel weighed down by our personal and collective fears, by our seeming incessant flow of thoughts and by the skeletons in our closets.


These are the skeletons that hide in the depths of our homes, closets, storage units, basements, attics, cabinets, drawers, our parents’ house, the scary everything drawer.


Imagine if all of our neglected items represented something deeper: an unaddressed or unfinished thought, action, desire, or dream.


The thought can overwhelm, frustrate, and sadden. It’s okay if it does. Just notice.


Maybe it feels easier not to go there. So we don’t. The skeletons stay. We take them with us wherever we go. We leave them for someone else to take care of or for our future selves to address an elusive ‘someday’.


Worse, we might feel the urge to gift the skeleton in a gift-wrapped box to our children, our younger sibling, or spitefully leave them on that person’s doorstep. Oh hell no!


THIS, my friends, is the premise of our work through Neat.


As we seek answers to cultivate our happiness, restore our ailing planet, and co-create lovingly with our fellow humans, it is important now more than ever, that we take our personal development seriously and to the next level.


When we intentionally address our skeletons (read: closets, basements, attics), we are freed, and become fully present, balanced, and empowered.


Taking concrete steps towards physically creating your best life possible requires some serious skill and grace!


As within so without.


Follow us on this journey: the journey of bringing a vision to life, of co-creation, and partnership with every person who is touched and inspired by this work. 


Thank you for being you and for being here. We are so happy to have shared this moment with you.


With so much love,

The Neat Team